Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows, Inc. has evolved from a specialty woodworking business to a manufacturer of high precision European doors and windows. With over two decades of experience behind our designs, the company has positioned itself as the forerunner in European door and window products. Modified for U.S. applications, Weiland has been awarded several patents covering unique track and jamb designs. Our manufacturing facilities have been located in the San Diego area since 1984.


Weiland offers Liftslide Doors which can be built up to 16’ tall and is AAMA rated. Weiland folding door systems are moving glass walls that help maximize the size of a wall opening, and are built over 13' tall. Weiland also offers French Doors, Pivot Doors and European style windows.




Location and Showroom

801 Chambers Avenue

Eagle, CO 81631


  Office: 970-524-2201

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2014 Dealer of the Year for

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Eagle, CO 81631