About Centor Screens

Centor’s award-winning retractable insect screens and shades have solved the problem of screening folding doors, hinged patio doors, sliding glass doors and more. Our screening systems can be elegantly paired with new or existing doors and windows to unobtrusively keep insects out, and provide sun protection & privacy.

Centor’s door and window screens retract into the system’s frame when not in use. Moving in a horizontal, retractable action, the screens can be drawn across the opening from any height on the stile. Not relying on awkward hand-brake mechanisms, the stile is elegantly load-balanced. When open, it remains in any position without from snapping shut, allowing for easy transitions from inside to out.

The durable mesh has no pleats or lines to detract from the view. Installing an insect screen allows doors to be open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air conditioner use. The sun-filter shade on S1 allows for discreet control of glare and privacy.

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