About Kolbe Windows & Doors

Over sixty-five years ago, two brothers, Herb & Ervin Kolbe, began a business repairing and building windows and door frames in a small shop in Marathon, WI. Since those days in 1946, Kolbe has grown into a nationally recognized leader in the high-end window and door industry, selling its broad range of product offerings through specialty dealers across the United States, Canada and beyond.

The story of Kolbe is more than a business success story. It is a shining example of a business that has grown both in the size of its facilities and in numbers of employees, yet has retained those important family values that remain at the core of the company’s very existence.

Craftsmanship and artistry are hallmarks of Kolbe products. They build innovative windows and doors with a wide array of options, such as wood windows with copper clad exteriors. Kolbe windows are for people who care about the big picture and the smallest detail. They go beyond the mainstream options to defy the limits of function, performance and style. Kolbe welcomes projects that require special wood species, unique shapes, custom finishes, unusual mulling configurations – you dream it, they’ll build it.

Kolbe doors are for people who push the limits, who insist that the indoors and outdoors be integrated. With expertise, innovation and care, Kolbe builds door systems for people who desire grand sizes, imaginative shapes and styles, and demand superior performance. Whatever the opening, Kolbe will help you fill it with style.

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